‘Minecraft’ receives the first half of its ‘Caves & Cliffs’ update next week

'Minecraft' finally gets the goat with part one of 'Caves & Cliffs'

Minecraft is set to receive the first part of its next update Caves & Cliffs on June 8.

Mojang Studios has announced that a new update will be released for the Java version of Minecraft, as well as Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on every platform it is currently available on, which includes Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Nintendo Switch, iOS and PC.

The new update is being split into two parts. The first part, 1.17 is available on June 8, will contain new wildlife in the form of goats and axolotl, as well as a new enemy mob called the Warden, a blind mob that lurks in the Deep Dark Biome.


New blocks including copper, amethyst, and more are also being added to the game. The second half of the update is planned to release later in the year and will feature new biomes and world generation features.

Mojang posted an FAQ on the update where it explained that the update was split into two to so the development team could “deliver an array of exciting features without compromising on quality, reliability, or functionality for players.”.

The post explains that COVID-19 and remote working impacted development of Caves & Cliffs. “The health of our Mojang Studios team is a top priority, and working remotely during the global pandemic has been challenging for all of us.” Mojang said.

The second update 1.18 is planned for a holiday season release date, with more details about the release date and the contents in “coming weeks.”

In other news, Among Us has seen a resurgence in popularity after being made available for free on the Epic Game Store, clocking in at over 2million concurrent players, up from the usual 300,000.


Innersloth community manager Victoria Tran noted that the rise wasn’t all new players, as many purchase the game on different platforms and may have simply been testing the game out on PC.