‘Minecraft’ videos on YouTube pass one trillion views

Fallen Kingdom - A Minecraft parody accounts for 85% of the views

YouTube has announced that videos based on Minecraft have passed one trillion views.

The megalithic video platform has launched a website in order to document a brief history of the game’s journey on YouTube.

“If each of those one trillion views were just one second long, that would add up to over 30,000 years. If each view were a Minecraft block 12 inches square, you could build a stack that reached from the Earth to the sun and back — with about seven million miles to spare. That’s how big one trillion views is.” YouTube said of this incredible achievement.


Some of the most popular genres of videos include animation, parody videos and survival multiplayer games. Interestingly, the website allows the user to sort via location, which reveals data such us that in Japan, animation absolutely dominated the viewing figures, whereas, in Egypt, survival games are much more popular.

In tribute to the thousands of creators on the platform that has immeasurably contributed to the popularity of the game, YouTube has written the following about those who’ve bolstered the game:

“The story of Minecraft on YouTube is one of endless creativity fueled by changes to the game, changes to YouTube, and the ever-evolving interests of both creators and their viewers. Believe it or not, all that energy and output seems to be gaining momentum. As our data shows, it took around eight years for this community to generate 500 billion views, but only another two or so to double that and hit one trillion. What future heights they hit we can only guess at, but as with this milestone, it will be fun to watch it happen.”

A remake of the first game in the Splinter Cell franchise has been confirmed. The game is being developed by Ubisoft Toronto and will be powered by the Snowdrop engine, which is currently being used for the upcoming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game and Ubisoft’s Star Wars title. You can watch the brief teaser trailer here. 

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