‘Minecraft”s The Wild update is releasing in June

The update adds two new biomes and more

Minecraft’s expansive new update, The Wild, finally has a release date following its announcement during Minecraft Live 2021.

The Wild releases on June 7 and includes a huge range of new additions. The most notable of these are the two new biomes additions to the Overworld, titled the “deep dark” and the “mangrove swamp”.

These biomes couldn’t be more opposed. As the name implies, the deep dark sits far underground past the bases of caves and is characterised by its silence and lack of ambient lighting. Within this biome, players can encounter the Shrieker enemy which, when disturbed, will alert a mob of enemies to the player. The trade-off is that this is the only area in the game where Skulk blocks can be found.


Conversely, the mangrove swamp is a more tranquil area, populated by towering mangrove trees that can be mined for a new type of wood. Meanwhile, nearby large bodies of water can be traversed on new boats that can carry chests, allowing players to store more items while they travel.


As well as the Shrieker, there are three other mobs being added: the Warden, Allay, and frogs. The Warden is also found within the deep dark, and despite its lack of eyesight it is quite formidable, making sneaking around them essential for survival.

Meanwhile, the Allay has been included in the game via popular vote during last year’s Minecraft Live. The Allay is a passive assistant mob that assists the player in collecting and transporting items. Lastly is the frog, which spawns within the mangrove swamp. It’s the first mob in the game to feature baby versions of itself, with it being joined by frogspawn and tadpoles.

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