Minigame collection ‘1-2-Switch’ may be getting a sequel in 2022

Joy-Cons at the ready

1-2-Switch may be gaining a sequel, according to reliable insider, Zippo.

As posted on Zippo’s blog and then spotted by VGC, supposedly a sequel is in development.

On the blog, Zippo pointed out that sometimes “I really, really don’t understand Nintendo“. That’s because Zippo is no fan of 1-2-Switch. The blogger described it as “one of the most dull, lifeless, forgettable games I have ever played,” and added that “usually when I do a scoop, it’s usually a game I’m interested in”.


Despite Zippo’s lack of enthusiasm for the original game, it sold well. By the end of 2019 it had sold 3.18 million copies, making it one of the best-selling titles at the time. A minigame collection, it highlighted the features of the Joy-Con controller on the Nintendo Switch, but it was fairly basic. Minigames included shaking the controller to determine how many ice cubes were ‘inside’ it.

Last month, industry insider, Emily Rogers suggested on Twitter that a sequel to a casual game could be coming.

She said she was “curious to see the critical reception to an upcoming causal game”. She added that she doubts “the sequel will win over many new fans”. 1-2-Switch could well be that sequel. Despite such cynicism, Rogers still suggested that 2022 could “potentially be Switch’s strongest year ever”.

The recent news that Pokémon Legends: Arceus has reached 6.5million players worldwide should help here. Also, Nintendo recently announced that Switch sales had passed the 100million milestone, beating the Nintendo Wii.


In other gaming news, Dying Light 2 contains a fully rideable bicycle. However, it’s only accessible via using a developer menu mod on the PC.

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