Mohawk Games announces new historical 4X strategy game, ‘Old World’

The game was developed by designers behind 'Civilization III' and 'IV'

Indie game studio Mohawk Games, co-founded by Soren Johnson, lead designer of Civilization IV, has revealed a new historical 4X strategy game called Old World.

The game, which was previously in development as 10 Crowns, was announced with a trailer on the company’s YouTube channel. Check out the video below.


Unlike the expansive Civilization series, Old World focuses more on real history, mainly the classical era with empires like Rome, Egypt and Carthage. The game tasks players with taking on the role of a king or queen of an empire, to raise them from humble beginnings into one of the greatest dynasties of its age.

Old World will also feature an aging system where player’s ruler character will grow old and die, much like Paradox Interactive’s grand strategy games. This allows heirs to take the reigns of the empire and rule with their own memories, qualities and interactions available with the world.

The world will also take into account how players’ empires act over time. Long-lasting grudges or alliances can be formed and the mistakes or accomplishments of previous kings will affect players’ rule and the response of the world to them.

Additionally, the game also includes over 1,000 unique events, inspired by real historical events from the period. These will be triggered through a “deep dynamic event system that generates a procedural story for your nation based on your decisions, your accomplishments and your characters”.

Old World will go into early access for the PC in “Summer 2020”, exclusively on the Epic Games Store.


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