‘Monster Hunter Rise’ is adding Sonic and Tails next week

Sonic looks like one of those cuddly toys you microwave to warm it up

Capcom has revealed that a collaboration with Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog is coming to Monster Hunter Rise next week, and it looks like…something.

Available to all players of the Nintendo Switch title starting November 26, and day one on the PC version of the game (launching January 12, 2022), the crossover includes a series of character outfits for the player, the Palicoe, and the Palamute.


Now, the Palicoe Sonic costume is definitely questionable looking at best, but at least there’s a lot of content coming with the crossover. Two new special event quests will feature the iconic rings and some compositions from the series, and you can don a new layered armour that actually blends the two aesthetics together quite well.

The Palamute gets a similar outfit themed after Sonic’s own best friend, Tails, and this again actually looks really snazzy. The Palicoe can also spin dash when dressed as Sonic, and is able to harness the power of the chaos emeralds to become Super Sonic. This can be done when players use the Felvine Bulb to boost the Palicoes strength.

This isn’t the first franchise crossover in Monster Hunter Rise either, as Rush from Mega Man has made an appearance, alongside an Okami crossover and even Akuma from Street Fighter.

Monster Hunter Rise
Monster Hunter Rise. Image credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise will also be getting a major paid expansion called Sunbreak in the summer of 2022. The content will be coming to both the Switch and PC versions of the game at the same time, and will feature a new Wyver-type monster alongside what appears to be a medieval looking ruined environment.


In other news, the Grand Theft Auto modders behind the reverse engineering projects have defended them as under both fair use and implied license/abandonment.