‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’ videos detail map and monsters

The Citadel landscape and Garangolm monster were shown off

Capcom has released multiple videos detailing both the map and monsters of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

Both videos were published yesterday (April 14) on YouTube, with one video focusing on the new area “the Citadel”, and the other on a new monster in the expansion called “Garangolm”. All of what Capcom has shown off in the videos below will be available when the Sunbreak expansion launches in Monster Hunter Rise on June 30.

The Citadel will be home to new master rank quests and unique flora and fauna. Particular focus was drawn to the castle ruins, which are now devastated and consumed by nature. The mystery of “dangerous species that can leave their mark in ominous ways” will also be presented to the player throughout the region.


A series of differing biomes, including swamplands and ice-covered mountains, will be present across the Citadel in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

The second Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak video focuses on a new monster called the Garangolm, a hulking monster that relies on brute strength to defeat the player. During combat with the player the Garangolm will become enraged and use physical elements, such as magma and moss, to deal elemental damage during battle.

Rocket jumps and quick elemental attacks will also be used by the Garangolm when it is enraged, making the monster more difficult to take down.

As confirmed by Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will include new story content, monsters, gameplay mechanics and the new master rank. The Garangolm, along with other new monsters Lunagaron and Astalos, will play a role in the expansion’s story as “the Three Lords”.


In other news, Cyberpunk 2077’s major expansion is now set to launch in 2023, with “further support” planned for the game down the line.

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