‘Monster Hunter: World’ has shipped over 20million copies

How many monsters have been slain?

Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World has shipped over 20million copies since its initial launch in 2018, with a significant expansion launching in 2019.

Capcom has announced (via Eurogamer) that Monster Hunter: World has shipped over 20million copies. This includes copies of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Master Edition, which bundles the base game with the Icebourne expansion.

Monster Hunter: World was the first game in the series to release simultaneously worldwide, which Capcom believed helped with its success. Previously, all Monster Hunter games would release first for Japanese markets before being ported to the West.


Earlier this year, Monster Hunter: World dropped the Denuvo anti-piracy software. The software is used to prevent pirated copies of the game from running. However, Denuvo and other download right management (DRM) software are frequently blamed for causing game performance problems. As a result, developers often remove the software from their games. However, removing this protection doesn’t appear to have hurt Monster Hunter: World’s sales.

Another Monster Hunter title, Monster Hunter Rise, has proven that the series has firmly taken control of western markets. The game was released on Nintendo Switch exclusively, with plans for a PC port coming next year. During the first weekend that Monster Hunter: Rise was available, it shipped over 4million units.

Monster Hunter Rise was so popular in Japan that one company decided to give its employees the day off. This was because of a large number of holiday requests for the game’s launch day.

A demo is available for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. NME tried it and said that “Not only has a PC version been announced for release on January 12, 2022, but having tried out the demo early, it’s precisely the enhanced port that might just tempt me to play the game from scratch.”


In other news, Blizzard has removed the name of a member of Cannibal Corpse from World Of Warcraft.

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