‘Mortal Shell’ will be an Epic Games Store timed exclusive

“The primary goals of our studio are to make 'Mortal Shell' the best game it can be”

Developer Cold Symmetry’s upcoming souls-like game Mortal Shell will be coming to Epic Games Store first as a PC-timed exclusive, it has been revealed.

During the PC Gaming Show, the company announced that players would be able to purchase Mortal Shell exclusively from the Epic Games Store when it is released later this year. A PS4 and Xbox One release is also expected to release simultaneously.

Mortal Shell is inspired by games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne where players can play as personas known as Shells, each with their own abilities and skills. Multiple new trailers have been released featuring brand new gameplay, alongside the announcement of a closed beta coming on July 3.


Take a look at a new trailer below, featuring a look at one of the four playable Shells.

A statement from the founders of Mortal Shell began with saying that “the primary goals of our studio [Cold Symmetry] are to make Mortal Shell the best game it can be and to live another day and keep making awesome games in the future.”

In reference to the game exclusivity, they stated that “Epic’s financial support, for a small studio like ours, was clearly going to help us achieve those goals so it was something we had to consider earnestly.”

An extensive look at Mortal Shell‘s gameplay took place during IGN’s Summer of Gaming event. Players can also follow development of the game via its official discord, which promises to deliver the latest news to players as it comes.


Sega recently announced that its upcoming title A Total War Saga: Troy would be an Epic Games Store exclusive for an entire year before it releases on Steam.

In a statement, the company acknowledged that fans might not be happy about the game’s exclusivity but felt “like this is a great opportunity in a lot of ways.”

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