‘MultiVersus’ Season 1 puts Arya and Batman in the free rotation

Season one is now live

Player First Games has released the patch notes for MultiVersus season one, confirming the characters who will be in the first free rotation.

Season one launched today (August 15) and while the full patch notes reaffirm the release date of Morty for August 23, they also contain the details for some of the biggest changes to the free-to-play brawler since its launch.

It’s been confirmed that Arya, Batman, LeBron, and Steven will be included in the free character rotation from today until August 30, meaning players who haven’t been able to unlock these fighters can play them for free for around two weeks. An icon has also been  added to the game to help players identify Free Rotation Characters.


Multiversus Bugs and Arya
MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games.

As for the battle pass, XP match rewards have been increased to ten for wins and five for losses, up from five for wins and three for losses. Player First Games has also disabled class-based battle pass missions other than for tanks, noting that, “since players might not have access to fighters in specific classes other than Tank (thanks to Wonder Woman), we felt like relying on rerolls was not a reliable enough method to work around those missions.”

The requirement for a number of seasonal missions has been considerably lowered too. For example, players will now only need to get 50 assists instead of 125.

Alongside general system updates and quality-of-life changes, many characters have either undergone buffs or nerfs to their abilities. Most notably, the majority of Arya’s attacks have been buffed, with the patch notes stating that, “the goal of these changes was to make Arya’s combos be more consistent and successful at lower skill levels.”

Meanwhile, the Iron Giant has received a massive nerf, now making his Air Up attack no longer able to hit the same target multiple times. His Air Neutral Attack has also been changed, now making it so opponents are pushed further away from him with “increased knockback scaling,” allowing for better recovery. The full list of patch notes can be read here.

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