Naughty Dog pushes hiring for standalone multiplayer game

TLOU II's factions mode is still kicking

Naughty Dog has sent out a call for applications for the studio’s first stand-alone multiplayer game.

Naughty Dog has been hiring for a multiplayer game for a while now, having initially posted listings in March of this year. However, the latest push is more public and covers several fields. The developer behind The Last Of Us Part II posted an image on Twitter that advertises several open positions.

The image behind the listing shows Ellie looking over the overgrown Seattle of The Last Of Us Part II. This suggests the game could be a standalone release of the factions multiplayer mode. Factions was first introduced with The Last Of Us. It was not present in Part II. At the time, Naughty Dog said that the mode was cut because it “grew beyond an additional mode that could be included with our enormous single-player campaign.”


Naughty Dog also tweeted in September 2019 that “you will eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition, but not as part of The Last Of Us Part II.”

The webpage for the gameplay scripter Naughty Dog says, “We’re seeking to bring the same level of ambition and quality of our signature, story-driven games to this unique multiplayer project. This is a rare opportunity to make an impact in your discipline and craft an experience that will be enjoyed and shared by millions of players around the world.”

The open positions include a Monetisation/economy designer, AI programmer, and systems designer. The co-game director Vinit Agarwal tweeted to say, “We’re aggressively hiring – apply if you want to be part of bringing the cinematic experience between players in our new standalone multiplayer action game.”

Elsewhere, the voice of Geralt, Doug Cockle, has narrated the trailer for a great rat adventure, Tails Of Iron.

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