Navy vessel’s Facebook page hacked to stream ‘Age Of Empires’

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Someone hacked the Facebook page of the US navy ship USS KIDD (DDG-100) and used it to stream more than ten hours of the original Age Of Empires.

The strategy game, which is around 14 years old, had over ten hours of gameplay streamed to the warship’s Facebook page over six separate videos, all of which are still available to view. The person titled the streams with phrases such as “Hahahahaha”, “hi everyone” and “hi guys” before streaming the real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios throughout the day.

It appears that the ship has still failed to regain control of its Facebook page, although the gamer has stopped streaming the classic of the genre.  Commander Nicole Schwegman announced that “The official Facebook page for USS Kidd (DDG 100) was hacked. We are currently working with Facebook technical support to resolve the issue.”


Age of Empires III: The African Royals
Age of Empires III: The African Royals. Credit: Ensemble Studios

As knowledge of the hack spread commenters took to the page to watch the stream. While we cannot hear the player’s voice during gameplay, there are now hundreds of comments over the different videos, many of them discussing the game and gameplay and also giving the player advice on how to proceed in-game.

The streamer also changed the purpose of the page which was created to tell families information about the status of the vessel to “Gaming Video Creator”. People on the Facebook page were also left speculating whether this was a legitimate hack, or simply someone who took the opportunity after seeing the page remaining logged in on someone’s device.

With Age Of Empires IV releasing later this month (October 28) the long-running series will be pleased for the publicity.

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