Fans spot neo-Nazi emblem in ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’ DLC

"You don’t see swastikas as emblems for a reason"

An emblem spotted in Call Of Duty: Warzone appears to be that of a modern-day neo-Nazi group, leaving fans confused as to why it’s there.

First noticed on Reddit, the emblem’s similarity to the symbol used by neo-Nazi group Azov Battalion has sparked heated debate. The group in question was originally formed in 2014 by a far-right nationalist Ukranian guard regiment during the Russo-Ukranian war.

The two emblems appear to portray a modern take on the Wolfsangel. This ancient Germanic symbol has been repeatedly co-opted by far-right political groups, including the Nazis during World War II.

Note to devs, this insignia is used by a Neo-Nazi battalion in Ukraine from CODWarzone


Since WWII the symbol has gone on to be used by neo-Nazi groups, including the Aryan Nations and Azov Battalion. The Call Of Duty: Warzone symbol bears the same colours as that of AB, but inverted within a shorter shield.

Warzone’s Chimera Pack contains the cosmetic insignia, which is then worn by two of the three operators who gain special outfits when this pack is purchased. The one left without this symbol is Yegor, a character who is originally from Ukraine.

The original poster on the Call Of Duty: Warzone subreddit thread pointed out that using historical Nazi symbols and ones associated with active criminal groups is “completely different”.

“You don’t see swastikas as emblems for a reason,” the poster explained, “because it can be taken as promoting it. Using imagery for historical accuracy is perfectly fine. You don’t see ISIS/Other real world terrorist imagery available as emblems in current or past games so why is this an exception.”


Activision has not yet issued a comment regarding the situation.

Meanwhile, a pair of Call Of Duty: Warzone streamers have been suspended from Twitch for cheating after the voice actor for Mara noticed their activity.

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