‘Neon White’ announces a surprise launch for next week

Neon White releases on June 16

An additional trailer for Neon White was showcased at Summer Games Festival 2022, which also revealed the game’s release date, June 16.

Neon White is an upcoming first-person shooter and platform-puzzler mashup developed by Angel Matrix and published by Annapurna Interactive. It is set to be released on Nintendo Switch and PC next week.

The trailer features the gunplay and vertical platforming mechanics that will be core to Neon White. These clips are interspersed with animation of the game’s characters. The trailer is accompanied by narration from the game’s protagonist, White, who elaborates more on the lore of Neon White in an expository monologue.


The premise of Neon White is the player plays an assassin from hell, the aforementioned White, who is tasked with slaying demons in order to ascend to heaven. This group of assassins are known as Neon and they wear animal masks while carrying out their duties.

In order to progress to the next level, the player will have to slay all the enemies in their current area. Weapons are represented as different cards, with the depicted weapons not appearing on screen. This is an intentional design choice, with lead designer Ben Esposito having said he wants the player to view the cards as movement resources rather than weaponry.

Esposito admits that watching speedrun videos was a big inspiration for him, so expect Neon White to have a fluid movement system and engaging level design with a whole host of puzzles. The trailer certainly shows enough gameplay to see this design philosophy at play, as we see White zipping around the stage at great speed from his first-person perspective.

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