New ‘Battlefield’ every two years “make sense” says EA

Expect the franchise to stick around

“It probably makes sense” to release a new Battlefield game every two years, explained EA during its first-quarter earnings call.

When asked if the company was thinking of changing its release schedule for the first-person shooter franchise, EA CEO Andrew Wilson explained that new Battlefield games every two years is the company’s “orientation” but that Battlefield should be considered as a “service”.

Wilson went on to explain that “what we’re doing for the launch of [Battlefield 2042] is really revolutionising and reinventing what all our epic scale warfare is in the context of gameplay.” He pointed to Battlefield Portal, a “love letter” crossover mode, as an example of how the firm plans to “lean into user-generated content” which will “drive deep, long-term engagement in the game”.


Combined with Hazard Zone, a high-risk, squad-focused mode that EA DICE has been cagey about going into details about, Wilson hopes that this “really forms the foundation of what we believe the future of live service around Battlefield is, which over time will include a mobile launch, will include some free to enter components, and really change the nature of what happens from launch to launch.”

He explained that “365-day engagement in the franchise” was key to the company’s plans.

Battlefield 2042 will be released this October, almost three years after the November 2018 launch of Battlefield V.

Before its release, EA plans to set up the in-game story with an ambitious, standalone short film titled Exodus, which will be available to watch on the Battlefield YouTube channel from August 12.

One of the most anticipated features in Battlefield 2042 is its wingsuit which can be used with the extreme weather conditions in-game to fling yourself across the map.