New gameplay trailer for ‘Rise Of Humanity’ revealed before Early Access

Battle rogue AI in this futuristic deck-builder hybrid

A new gameplay trailer for Rise Of Humanity has been released before the game hits Early Access.

Rise Of Humanity is a survival game seen through the lens of a strategic deck-builder. Pitting players against a Hivemind AI, the game combines tabletop deck-builders with turn-based strategy atop a 3D tactical battlefield – aiming to encompass the best bits of each genre.


The trailer provides some examples of the detailed maps and sprites within the game, along with battle animations and cinematics.

Each character (on either side) is controlled by a deck of cards, with each playthrough being procedurally generated to encourage replay value. The new trailer shows this complex battle strategy in progress and acts alongside the announcement of Early Access to provide prospective Rise Of Humanity players with a glimpse at what is to come.

Rise Of Humanity will be released in Steam Early Access on October 21, complete with two game modes. One will take each player through the conventional plot, while the other gives players the chance to compete at three random challenges per day.

The Rise Of Humanity developers said that “We plan on adding 270 cards for its full release as well as a total of 8 characters and various enemies. This is a game that requires a lot of balancing and we want to make sure we get it right before we release it to everyone.”

“Since we don’t have an exact release date for it is safe to say it will be in Early Access for 6 to 18 months.”


In other news, IO Interactive says that there are “more people working on Hitman 3” than at the game’s launch eight months ago.

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