New ‘Phasmophobia’ update adds ghost that mimics Santa Claus

Ghosts will now use their physical form during hunts instead of their shadow or translucent forms.

The latest Phasmophobia update is now live and introduces a collection of new items, changes to ghost identities, and more.

Version 0.5.0, The Cursed Possessions, is the first-person ghost hunting game’s latest winter update and features some big changes to celebrate the holiday season.

First and foremost, the update has added the Mimic, a ghost that will replicate the appearance of another. In this case, the Mimic can replicate Santa Claus and the player will be able to hear the bells of his suit as he comes closer. During the holiday period, the Maple Campsite weather will now be snowing and feature seasonal decorations.


The patch has added several new items called Cursed Possessions. Each location will now feature one of six items, randomly chosen at the start of each contract. These items include a music box, a tortured voodoo doll, a haunted mirror, a summoning circle, a deck of Tarot Cards, and a Quija Board. These items will also trade sanity for information and using them can cause a greater negative effect.

Players using the music box, for example, may find some ghosts singing along to the melody, while a summoning circle can trap a ghost inside for a limited time.

Additionally, Kinetic Games has changed up some ghost types in order to make it less difficult when determining which is which. Some have also received some new abilities. Even more terrifying, ghosts will now use their physical form during hunts instead of shadow or translucent forms, and abilities have been adjusted to make them happen more frequently.

Some other changes include making large rugs and floor mats have collisions and new sounds have been added for player footsteps while sprinting on different surfaces. New questions have also been added to the Quija board as well. The developer has also fixed a plethora of bugs that have been haunting players which you can read about on Steam.


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