New ‘Resident Evil’ game could feature ‘Resident Evil Village’ voice actors

According to one voice actor from the franchise

One of the voice actors featured in the last two Resident Evil games has suggested he may return in a future title.

Neil Newbon, who played Nicholai Ginovaef in the Resident Evil 3 remake and Karl Heisenberg in Resident Evil Village, stated in an interview with the Awfully Irish Podcast that he and fellow actor Nicole Tompkins could be returning for another game.

First spotted by VGC, Newbon discussed his friendship with Tompkins, who played Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil 3 remake and Daniela Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.


“I do make some very good close friends that I love working with again and again sometimes,” Newbon explained.

Suggesting there may be more to come for the duo, he continued, “You know, Nicole and I – I can’t talk about some things, but this is not our first rodeo and it may not be our last. We may have some other shit.”

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village. Credit: Capcom

It’s a vague suggestion but as both actors have played more than one character in the series, it could mean a few different things. It could suggest that there will be a direct sequel to Village, or he could be referring to the Resident Evil 4 remake that’s currently in the works.

Alternatively, he could be referring to something entirely different and possibly nothing to do with the popular franchise.

Last month, Capcom teased something related to the first game and we’re still waiting to find out what that could mean. While it could mean an updated remake for the first game, it may also be connected to the upcoming release of Resident Evil 4 VR which is still expected to be released this year.


In other gaming news, Sega and Atlus will be revealing a new RPG in two weeks at the Tokyo Game Show and the hope is that it’s Persona-related.