‘New World’ dev teases a winter festival event

Looks like Aeturnum is getting cosy this winter

One Amazon Games Studio developer has teased that fans can expect seasonal changes to the New World map, and hinted at an upcoming winter festival.

Speaking to PCGamesN, New World game director Scot Lane discussed seasonal plans for the MMO. When asked if the devs were working on anything for seasonal events, he confirmed they are and teased that while he “can’t get into specifics”, “I can say that winter is a great time for festivals”.

“I think seasonal events are hugely important for MMOs and something we want to do for sure,” explained Lane.


While there’s no news on an exact date for New World‘s winter celebrations, it’s a safe bet that the community will likely hear more over the coming weeks.

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

Earlier in the month, New World‘s first big update arrived, adding the Void Gauntlet weapon and more. As well as the new weapon type, the patch also added extra enemies, a speed bonus for travelling on roads, and more.

Unfortunately, this update hasn’t been particularly well-received by fans. New World user reviews have fallen to “mixed” on Steam in the last few weeks, with much of the feedback criticising balance changes made in the last patch. One review in particular slams New World as a “buggy mess”, while another says they “can’t believe I wasted so much time on this”.

Admittedly, there have been some issues with the MMO this month – on November 15, Amazon Games Studio disabled wealth transfers to combat a duplication exploit.


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