‘New World’ loses over 500,000 players in its first month

It was a strong start at least

New World has reportedly lost more than half of its player base merely a month after its launch.

That’s based on figures first spotted by Forbes which noticed that the SteamCharts figures for New World have been rather rocky.

While the game enjoyed an all-time peak of 913,027 when it first launched, it’s been losing around 135,000 players every week since then. Currently, its 24-hour peak is 404,438 – a significant drop from its lofty figures at launch.


Declining player numbers are unsurprising for many games. When it comes to a Massively Multiplayer Online game like New World though, it’s vital that the community remains active and busy. A game designed to be full of players isn’t so enjoyable when it’s barren and empty, after all.

New World bow skills
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios

The dip in player numbers is likely to not have been helped by numerous issues for the game. Recently, it’s been discovered that an oversight means players can crash the game via its chat box. A bug has also meant that players are not getting gold for selling items via the auction house when they’re offline.

Other issues include the possible risk of a “currency crisis” and the fact that most New World perks are broken according to Reddit users.

During the game’s launch, there were also considerable queues to join a server with server transfers delayed until very recently.

Despite such issues, NME’s review of New World found it to be a solid start with the game offering fluid and tight combat.


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