‘New World’ minimap is not a “high priority” right now

It's possible to use a third-party mod instead though

A recent developer blog has explained that a minimap for New World players is not a “high priority”. However, players won’t be penalised for using a third-party minimap mod in the meantime.

The news comes a month after it was revealed that some resourceful players have created a completely functional minimap in New World to help others not get lost.

There were concerns this could lead to players potentially being banned for using the tool. Previously, Amazon Game Studios has had an unclear policy on modding. However, the recent developer blog has cleared this up. In the post, Amazon explained that it is concerned that adding a minimap will have a “negative effect on immersion”. It added that it “could change open-world behaviour”. That could lead to players exploring the game differently.


New World coin sellers update
New World. Credit: Amazon Studios

Despite that though, the team has “decided to not penalise” users of the Overwolf third-party minimap mod or anyone that uses it. That could change in the future, though. The team says it “would give plenty of notice along with a designated grace period where [we] would not ban players for continued use.”

The current top priority is server transfers and addressing issues with players being blocked from using their free transfer token. It also explained that server merges are on the horizon.

Recently, it was announced that New World would have a public test realm to work on updates and fixes for the game.

Amazon Game Studios’ MMO has had a somewhat troubled beginning despite strong reviews. Only last week, MMO streamer, Asmongold declared that he thought the developers are ‘doing their absolute best”. Despite that, he admitted he thought the game was in a “terrible state” right now.


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