‘New World’ server merger details updated by Amazon

Merges are on the way to keep server population healthy

Amazon Games Studios has released a New World blog covering several issues being worked on, including the highly anticipated server mergers.

Amazon Games Studios lengthy dev blog on New World issues covered everything from technical back-end changes to fan-requested features. The previously announced server merges got a more in-depth explanation as well.

It was previously stated that New World server mergers are “on the horizon”, but a few problems need addressing before they can confidently deploy the feature. “When we are ready to take this technology to your worlds, there are a few things we look at in order to determine if the world is a candidate for merge, including but not limited to population size and overall engagement.”


It is also revealed that elements like faction representation and overall population will be taken into account when choosing a partner world. Players in a world that has been identified for merge will be informed in advance, and no one will lose and progress. However, companies merging to an already existing world will lose their territory. There is still no date for world mergers going live as of the update.

Another section of the blog covers region transfers. When New World was experiencing a high volume of players, Amazon instructed people to join lower capacity servers, and that players would transfer to a different server and region later. However, when server transfers became available, Amazon was unable to fulfil the region transfer promise.

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Games.

While the blog post doesn’t offer any details on region transfers, it does allow fans to express their interest in the feature so Amazon can appropriately allocate resources.

New World’s server transfers have been available for some time, with players able to switch servers for free once. However, issues have prevented some players from transferring. The blog post suggests that many of these issues have been fixed, but some will remain.


In other news, Rocket League’s season 5 will start on November 17.