‘New World’ streamer banned for openly boss farming and seemingly macroing

Amazon has said that chain spawning mobs is not allowed in the game

A New World streamer was banned mid-stream for what looks like using macros and openly breaking rules for the Amazon Game Studios title.

Streamer Alexandru “SOLIDFPS” Cotiga was banned mid-stream yesterday (November 2) whilst playing New World, and you can see the ban live on his Twitch stream at the six hour mark. Cotiga received a 23 hour ban for “cheating” according to the on screen message.

Cotiga is also a member of TSM, an esports organisation based in the United States.

State of the game – Twitch partner, TSM member is macroing(considered cheating according to Amazon ToS) while exploiting infinite boss spawn on stream and not worrying about repercussions. from newworldgame


The Reddit clip above shows the streamer farming a boss in New World, by running a far enough distance to allow everything to respawn, then going back into repeatedly kill them. This is considering cheating by Amazon Game Studios, as a forum post on the topic had a community manager response that read: “Please note that repeatedly chain spawning mobs is considered exploiting and we will continue to investigate all cases and take further actions against accounts who abused such mechanics.”

“Farming a boss that respawns is being efficient, in terms of loot per hour,” said Cotiga on stream, as he and a few other streamers got banned for farming the boss.

Cotiga says he was also animation cancelling his fire staff. This dramatically increases the damage outputs of different weapons by having the animation, and the damage associated with it, happen much quicker.

New World
New World. Credit: NME.

Although in this case it appears as though Cotiga was macroing, not just animation cancelling. This means he was essentially pressing one button and then aiming, allowing the macro function to fire and animation cancel for him.


Macroing, if Cotiga was doing it, goes against Twitch’s community guidelines, which clearly state that “any activity, such as cheating, hacking, botting, or tampering, that gives the account owner an unfair advantage in an online multiplayer game, is prohibited.”

“In the context of PvE I don’t really care, but in the context of PvP I don’t think you should use these things against other players,” Cotiga added on his stream.

Meanwhile Amazon Games’ terms of use state that restrictions do not allow the use of “applications or services such as hacks, bots, cheats, scripts, or mods that are not expressly permitted by us.”

Cotiga later took to Twitter to respond to the situation, seemingly imitating players. Whether not Cotiga will receive a more permanent ban from New World, or anything in regards to Twitch, remains to be seen.

In other news, streamer SquidGaming has been losing “amazing” work because of the Squid Game TV show.

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