‘New World’ update 1.0.4 fixes “the top issues” of the MMO

The patch includes plenty of reimbursed gold for certain players and companies

New World‘s patch 1.0.4 will fix “the top issues” of Amazon Game Studios‘ MMO, according to the patch notes.

Posted yesterday (October 27), the New World patch notes say the update “is primarily focused on fixing the top issues our players have been hitting in recent weeks, especially those impacting wars”.

Right off the bat, the patch notes mention “resolving the AoE magic effect War exploit, the issue preventing players from being able to appropriately increase their Faction token cap, and beginning work on addressing issues causing invulnerability”.


Server transfers – which were added in the last patch – have once again been enabled, assuming no issues are encountered with the recent update.

Patch 1.0.4 has removed the Everfall starting beach, meaning there are fewer places that new players can appear and thereby increasing the chances that friends will spawn together.

A UI issue that incorrectly told players their property taxes would be removed as part of a housing discount will also be addressed, and any player who purchased a home before the UI fix will receive 2000 coins as compensation.

Similarly, any companies that lost gold from a multitude of bugs “will be reimbursed for all coin revenue resulting from the issue”.

New World
New World. Credit: NME.


The patch also makes plenty of bug fixes, including more that aim to prevent players who are causing chaos by achieving invincibility.

There’s also a fix for some NPCs that were not spawning correctly,  as well as an issue where players were losing their homes in Cutlass Keys.

The patch will also reintroduce Outpost Rush, a game mode that developers say will help New World‘s economy, which some players allege is in a very bad shape.

A comprehensive list of bug fixes and other changes can be found with the full New World patch notes.

In other news, dozens of NFT developers have asked Valve to unban blockchain games from Steam.

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