‘New World’ will add more expeditions and mutators

Mutators are just the beginning

In a recent interview, New World developer Amazon Game Studios revealed that the mutations and expeditions would be expanded.

It appears that New World is going to be getting more mutators. These affect special enemies in expedition and give them unique traits to increase the complexity and difficulty of a fight.

Speaking to PCGamesN, world experience lead Mike Willette said, “There are a ton of different MMOs, roguelikes, and action-adventure games that inspired our first steps in developing Mutators. We wanted ways to challenge players and give them awesome rewards. We developed layers of challenges through the many afflictions, family types, and abilities offered in the game. Each one needs to be dealt with differently, requires better gear and teamwork, and gives better rewards!”


“We are continually looking for ways to add meaningful content and variety to the game,” Willette said. “Mutators [are] just the beginning. They challenge players to try different playstyles, gear, and team compositions in order to obtain new resources and gear to grow in power. Expect to see more Expeditions and Mutators in the future.”

Willette also said that the community has taken to the Mutated Expedition well, with some groups coordinating to destroy bosses so quickly it made his jaw drop. However, the mode still has a handful of bugs that the developers are working to fix. These include bosses with certain mutator combinations that become much more difficult than intended. Negative scores can be obtained by poor performance, deliberate or accidental, and can sometimes unlock greater difficulties.

In other news, Sony believes that Activision Blizzard games will remain on the PlayStation platform following the acquisition of the company by Microsoft. “We expect that Microsoft will abide by contractual agreements and continue to ensure Activision games are multiplatform,” said a spokesperson for Sony.