‘New World’ will run a brief open beta in September before full release

Mark your diary for a very unproductive weekend

Though New World is set to release fully on September 28, fans will be able to try the game out with one last open beta ahead of launch.

Anyone who is still unsure about buying New World will be able to give the MMO another shot, with a weekend-long open beta scheduled for September 9-12.


As part of Gamescom Opening Night Live yesterday (August 26), New World also received a brand new trailer titled ‘Chart Your Fate’, which captures the atmosphere of the game as players will go “from shipwrecked castaway to legendary hero” according to the description.

While New World was initially aimed to release at the end of the month, the game was pushed back to September 28 in order to address fan feedback following the last beta. At the time, prominent MMO streamer Asmongold called the current state of New World “boring” and “pathetic”, though added that the game still has “a lot of potential”.

New World was also the subject of significant technology woes, as some unlucky fans discovered that the MMO could completely fry RTX 3060 graphics cards. Following this discovery, EVGA announced that every broken RTX 3090 would be promptly replaced. Despite this, the last open beta in July was a huge success in terms of popularity, as New World hit 200,000 concurrent players during the testing phase alone.

Last month, we spoke to New World‘s creative director David Verfaillie on how the team created “combat that feels so dynamic”. In our preview, we felt that “great combat marks a hot prospect for the future” of New World, but were left wondering why the jumping mechanics were so rubbish.

In other news, a trailer for Valheim: Hearth And Home has revealed that fans can expect the major update to arrive in September.

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