Next ‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch will bring wipe, Lighthouse expansion, new bosses and more

An upcoming patch for 'Escape From Tarkov' will add a huge amount of content - here's everything on the way

During the TarkovTV Live episode streamed today (June 9), developer Battlestate Games shared footage of the new features coming to Escape From Tarkov in the hardcore shooter’s next update.

Speaking on TarkovTV, Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov shared that Escape From Tarkov‘s next wipe will be arriving with the next patch. On an estimate for when this wipe will arrive, Buyanov shared that it is “almost ready, we just need to polish it.”

As for what the patch will include, fans will be pleased to know that the long-awaited Lighthouse expansion will be added. This will allow players to visit the area leading up to the map’s namesake, however the lighthouse itself will not be enterable. Looking ahead, Buyanov says players will need “special access” to enter the building.


The area leading up to Lighthouse contains several checkpoints which look promising for military-grade gear spawns, however Battlestate Games’ demonstration did not get too far, as the character in the demo was killed upon getting too close to the Lighthouse.

Escape From Tarkov is also gaining three roaming bosses that can visit various locations across the game. These new bosses will appear at different locations throughout the day and Buyanov explained that at some points in the day they may only appear on Customs, while another time may lock them to Lighthouse.

Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

As for what the patch will include, Buyanov shared that it will bring “many” new weapons, including an RD-704 assault rifle, G36-C submachine gun, and a G36 assault rifle. The G36 can be equipped with “horrible […] but cheap” sights. Buyanov added that while other weapons are planned for the upcoming patch, not all of them have been revealed during the TarkovTV Live episode.

However, Buyanov did reveal an upcoming flare gun, which will allow players to call in airdrops for gear. On that topic, Buyanov revealed that the airdrop feature is being expanded to include four different types of airdrop – the common one that is currently in the game, one that specifically drops weapons and mods, another “supply crate”, and a fourth that provides medical supplies.

In terms of gear, the Escape From Tarkov inventory system is being changed slightly with the addition of three “special” inventory slots. These slots will allow players to bring in items such as a compass, rangefinders and radio sets with no risk of losing them, as they will be unlootable when stored here. Battlestate Games also revealed a more in-depth clothing customisation system that will allow players more options for changing how their character dresses beneath their combat gear.


Escape From Tarkov sunshine
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

The next Escape From Tarkov patch will also bring new animations, however Buyanov revealed that a planned trailer for the feature will not be displayed just yet because he didn’t like how it looked.

Other features coming with the next Escape From Tarkov patch include broken English voice lines for BEAR players, FSR support for players looking for better performance, Scav daily tasks from Fence, and an offline raid co-op mode for Edge Of Darkness owners.

Elsewhere, Battlestate Games has also shared plenty of details on Escape From Tarkov Arena – including how gear will work, how beta testers will be selected, and information on the maps available at launch.