‘Nier: Automata’ community sceptical over newly-discovered secret room

Players are torn about whether the secret is real or not

A Nier: Automata player has uploaded a video of a secret room never seen before, and players are debating whether it’s real or an elaborate prank.

A Reddit user shared footage of the apparent secret room yesterday (July 25), which contains a hidden door and a room with an incredibly long ladder and a twisting hallway.

Apparently this leads to a church, with the same user, sadfutago, posting pictures of the area and asking about the church in multiple posts from a month or so back (via PC Gamer).


Now, the only evidence of this area seems to come from sadfutago, so there’s a bit of lighthearted community infighting as to whether or not this area actually exists in Nier: Automata.

Hello here is the video for the clip i recorded on my ps4 that i put on my usb of the door for the church hallway i uploaded for the discord server. I got a space error because i recorded too long i think. from nier

Some point to a Metal Gear Solid 5 fake that used mods and photoshop as an example of how this can be done, whilst others are sceptical of the poster recreating the Nier: Automata’s movement and such just for what amounts to an elaborate prank.

In the MGS5 example, the user said they were given a test unit of the game from a friend, which they later sold and no longer had. This was a supposed alpha build of the game, but it was quickly deleted with one community member then taking responsibility for the ruse.

NieR: Automata
NieR: Automata. Credit: Square Enix

Whether real or not, Nier: Automata’s community is torn on the footage, with some saying it’s a legitimately well-hidden secret while others calling it fake.


What we do know is real is the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of the game, which releases on October 6 and includes the base game alongside all of its downloadable content.

In other news, the developer of Roller Champions have clarified that the game isn’t being cancelled, although the next season has been delayed.