‘Nightingale’ delayed until 2023 to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

"Inflexion Games is committed to delivering the best possible experience"

Inflexion Games has announced that Nightingale’s Early Access launch has been delayed until 2023.

In a statement, the studio called it a “difficult decision” and said the game would hopefully launch in the “first half of 2023” though more news on specific timing will come at “a later stage.”

According to the team, the move is for two reasons. “The first is an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. After reviewing the potential UE5 has to offer, we decided on upgrading now rather than waiting until after release.”


“Secondly, Inflexion Games is committed to delivering the best possible experience and fulfilling the promise of what Nightingale’s universe of realms has to offer players. To achieve that the additional time will allow the team to make key improvements, bolster content and polish gameplay,” they added.

Inflexion Games went on to promise more game and development updates from the team” in the coming weeks. “Until then, we thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for what we’re making. It may take a little longer for the mystical Fae portals to open, but we appreciate you taking this journey with us”.

Nightingale is set to be a “shared-world survival crafting game set within a rich Victorian gaslamp fantasy setting”.

“We want to give players a world that they feel connected to, that feels alive and rich with history,” Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn told NME. “It was something before they got there, and will be something after they leave.”

“The thing that got us excited in the earliest days of developing Nightingale was the idea of crafting a new universe with some rich worldbuilding. A lot of survival crafting games build on existing lore and understanding of how things work, that they build on over time. I think we were ambitious to say ‘what if we put worldbuilding front and centre?’ and made it a foundational piece of our game.”


In other news, it’s been confirmed that MultiVersus Season 1 will begin later this month, but not all new features will come at once.