Nintendo reveals ‘Minecraft’ fighters for ‘Super Smash Bros Ultimate’

More information is expected to drop on October 3

Nintendo has revealed that the latest post-launch Super Smash Bros Ultimate character will be four fighters from Minecraft.

The cast is led by Minecraft’s mascot Steve, who will also come along with Alex, Zombie and Enderman from the franchise. Accompanying the characters will be a brand new stage, themed after the sandbox game and seven new music tracks.

No release date has been provided yet, however, a gameplay video titled “Battle with Steve and Alex” is scheduled for October 3 at 3:30pm BST. That event is likely to be a deep dive into the characters that will provide more information.


Check out the announcement trailer below:

Super Smash Bros Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai gave fans a brief message after the reveal. “When thinking about new fighters for the game, we don’t just pick my favourites or draw from a hat,” Sakurai explained. “More often than not, these discussions start by Nintendo approaching me with an idea.”

Sakurai later continued to give an insight into Minecraft’s inclusion into the game. “The plan for the fighter is easy to create. The graphics should also be straightforward. The motion is relatively simple, and the sound is comparable to other fighters. There are plenty of other things to consider, but we don’t need to implement any voices.”

“What’s difficult, however, is the programming work required to bring the character to life. It’s a massive challenge. Plus, we have to rework all our existing stages so that blocks can be placed in them,” he added, saying that Steve ended up “being a really unusual fighter”.


The Minecraft fighters mark the second character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate’s fighter pass two. The first was Min Min from ARMS, who released earlier this year.

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