Nintendo is shutting down the ‘Dr. Mario World’ mobile game

The Doctor is out

Nintendo is ending its mobile game Dr. Mario World, with the title set to shut down entirely on November 1.

An ‘End of Service Notice’ was posted on the game’s official website today (July 28), thanking players for their support and confirming the end date.

Effective immediately, players will not be able to purchase diamonds, Dr. Mario World’s in-game premium currency bought with real money. When the game is fully shut down, players will not be able to access it when they open the app, even for offline or single-player sessions.


Instead, a new website called ‘Dr. Mario World Memories’ will launch, which will allow players “to look back at your play history”. The site “will become available after the game’s service ends.”

Dr. Mario World launched for Android and iOS smartphones in July 2019. A follow-up to the classic Dr. Mario game that debuted on the NES and original Game Boy in 1990, players would rotate pills as they fell, aligning colours to clear viruses.

The mobile version added more complicated obstacles, including limiting the number of medicinal capsules available, and giving viruses protective barriers that had to be shattered before they could be cleared.

The game includes over 45 different doctor versions of characters, from Dr. Waluigi, all the way to a Dr. Goomba Tower (yes, that is real).


The shutdown of Dr. Mario World isn’t the first Nintendo mobile game to be lost, as Miitomo was closed down in 2018. Miitomo was the developer’s first smartphone app, and the freemium social networking game integrated itself with apps like Facebook and Twitter.

However, while the good doctor may be about to close his surgery, Nintendo is still supporting some of its other mobile games, as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is set to receive an underwater themed update for August 2021.

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