Nintendo RPG ‘Miitopia’ demo available on Switch now

Try Nintendo's latest title out for free ahead of release

Nintendo has released a demo for the upcoming roleplaying game Miitopia for free on their online store.

Miitopia is a turn-based RPG which features character-made Mii avatars. The demo allows players to create custom Mii avatars and play the opening section of the game. Furthermore, progress made within the demo will carry over to the full game on release.

Miitopia originally released in 2016 on the 3DS. The Nintendo Switch port features updated visuals, new customisation options and a new horse companion.


Miitopia is a light-hearted experience targeted at children and adults and it plays a bit like Tomodachi Life and a traditional JRPG. In the game, players will lead a team of Miis to stop the Dark Lord from stealing faces.

Fans are already taking advantage of the Mii creation tools in the game, and sharing their creations with other players online. Several celebrity and character lookalikes have already appeared on Twitter.

Miitopia costs £39.99 and is release on May 21 on the Nintendo Switch. You can view the official Nintendo store page here.


Miis first rose to popularity on the Nintendo Wii. The character customisation option allowed players to create digital avatars of themselves. Nintendo incorporated the avatars in numerous first-party titles including Wii Sports, Wii Fit and Wii Music.

A handful of Nintendo Switch games also allow Mii integration. However, the feature is much less prominent than it was on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.

Elsewhere, Niantic and Nintendo will add two legendary monsters from Pokémon X and Y to Pokémon GO next month.

A new teaser trailer revealed that Xerneas the life Pokémon and Yveltal the destruction Pokémon will be coming to Niantic’s AR game in events across May.

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