Nintendo says Nintendo Switch servers may struggle over Christmas

The company suggests buyers set up their Nintendo accounts ahead of Christmas

Nintendo has shared that Nintendo Switch users could expect issues with account creation over the Christmas weekend, likely caused by people receiving the console as a holiday present.

Via Nintendo’s Japanese Twitter account, the company has warned that “access will be concentrated on the Nintendo account server” this weekend. The congested servers mean that “it is expected that Nintendo [accounts] will not be created immediately”.

For those who are gifting or buying a Nintendo Switch account for Christmas, Nintendo recommends that fans make a Nintendo account ahead of the weekend.


If increased server issues are expected, Nintendo is likely expecting a significant influx in new Nintendo Switch users over Christmas. That may come as no surprise to fans – earlier in the month, Nintendo shared that the Nintendo Switch had recently achieved its highest week of sales in Europe since the console launched. This is largely credited to a new bundle that included three months of Nintendo Switch Online and Mario Kart 8, which – at a price of £259.99 – was significantly cheaper than buying each item separately.

Last week, Nintendo also added five new Sega Mega Drive games to the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack service. This follows the addition of Paper Mario on December 10, however fans have accused Nintendo of a “drip feed” of games.

In other Nintendo news, a new patent filed by the company suggests that Breath Of The Wild 2 will let Link phase through surfaces, reverse time, and manoeuvre through the skies.

Elsewhere, Escape From Tarkov has banned even more items from the Flea Market, after placing restrictions on the player-led market at the start of patch 12.12. Due to the latest update, players will no longer be able to purchase sets of Scav boss armour and more.