‘No Man’s Sky’ version 4.0 to bring a “relaxed” mode

The new mode will make 'No Man's Sky' more appealing to casual players

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has shared what fans can expect from the sci-fi game’s version 4.0 update, which will arrive as part of No Man’s Sky‘s Nintendo Switch launch this month.

As No Man’s Sky prepares to launch on the Nintendo Switch this Friday (October 7), Hello Games founder Sean Murray has discussed what fans can expect from version 4.0 of the game.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Murray explained that version 4.0 will not be as content-heavy as some of No Man’s Sky‘s past major updates, it will bring large changes to the game’s “more design-heavy elements.”


That includes “lots of streamlining in terms of the tutorial, when you unlock certain things, what’s available to you,” as well as a relaxed mode for the game. Murray says that relaxed mode in No Man’s Sky is a “very fun version […] Where the focus is on exploration, less on just surviving and grinding.”

no man's sky
No Man’s Sky Sentinel Update. Credit: Hello Games.

Over at PC Gamer, Murray shared that the game’s relaxed mode will allow players to customise the difficulty of No Man’s Sky. “If you want to dial [the challenge] slightly differently, if you want to have permadeath in relaxed game mode, or whatever it is, you can do those things,” Murray said. “You can change a ton of things to do with controls, a ton of things to do with difficulty, survival, crafting, you know, you can balance those your own way.”

“I don’t want to oversell it and say it’s a reimagining of the game or anything like that. But it is a different balance of survival sandbox,” added Murray.

The last major for No Man’s Sky, titled Endurance, was released earlier in the year – and brought a “complete overhaul” of freighters and fleets.

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