‘Not Tonight 2’ Announces Beta Launch

Maybe not tonight but in three days time

Before it’s official release on February 11, PanicBarn has announced that Not Tonight 2 will be available first as an open Beta from January 28.

First announced around five months ago, the sequel to Not Tonight, often compared to if Papers, Please was set in the United States, finally has a release date. Despite the full launch coming out in February, those interested can get the game two weeks early by signing up to the open beta.

Not only has a new trailer been released but it has been confirmed that nothing in the beta is under embargo. This means that anyone participating is free to share their thoughts, screenshots and gameplay footage as much as they wish. On its Steam page Not Tonight 2 describes itself as.


“Immigration Enforcement Case #112: You are under arrest. Unless your friends can cross a broken America, retrieve your identifying documents and stay out of trouble… this is the end of the American dream for you. In an alternative broken America, where capitalism and political greed have taken center stage, your friend has gone missing.”

“Snatched during a protest, Eduardo Suarez has been seized by the authorities, and now sits ready for processing in the Miami gulag. You’ll need to think on your feet and work hard to safely cross America, but with your skills and the help of your friends (and enemies!), we’re sure you’ll make it in time to save your friends!”

Those interested in the beta will have to sign up earlier than the 28 in order to get a chance to play.

In other news, Nvidia is looking at exit strategies for its £30billion deal to buy microprocessor designer Arm, after regulators have hampered progress. The company stands to lose £2.4billion in deposits and cancellation policies if the deal is abandoned.

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