Obsidian’s survival game ‘Grounded’ gets early access release date and new trailer

There’s more going on in the backyard than meets the eye

The backyard survival game Grounded will go into early access on July 28, Microsoft announced during an episode of Inside Xbox today (April 8).

The game, developed by Obsidian Entertainment, will be made available on Steam Early Access for PC and Xbox Game Preview for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

The developer also revealed a new trailer, centred on Grounded‘s single-player story experience. The clip provides insight on the gameplay, including weapons, base building and primary antagonists – which are, mostly, giant bugs. Check out the trailer below.


Grounded will feature a standard single-player mode as well as a four-person online multiplayer, both of which will be story-driven. The game’s director Adam Brennecke noted during the Inside Xbox episode that while the storyline won’t be finished when it’s in early access, the team will be assessing player feedback to further develop the game.

Four characters will be available at the start of the campaign. Players will be given the chance to pick their character’s abilities – armour building, stealth and weapon-based combat – which will impact the gameplay over the rest of the campaign. Players can decide if they want to lurk in the dark or take the fight to the enemy.

The Inside Xbox episode also revealed that as the game progresses, it will dawn on players that something is more sinister at play in the backyard, and they’ll have to solve a series of mysteries to get to the root of it.

Microsoft announced that it had acquired Obsidian in November 2018 at X018, and Grounded was first announced at X019 the following year.


Grounded has not yet received an official release date.

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