Official concept art for ‘Stars Of Blood’ reveals Valve’s cancelled “space pirates” game

A glimpse at what could have been

Concept art for Stars Of Blood – a cancelled Valve game that Gabe Newell described as “a space pirates game” – has been revealed, showcasing what the sci-fi title would have looked like.

As shared by Twitter account Obscure Game Aesthetics (thanks, VGC), artwork for Stars Of Blood has been sitting around in Valve’s archive for years.

The artwork reveals a mix of environments, including a glimpse of a cluttered futuristic city that look like a mix of Half Life‘s City 17 and Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City. There’s also a sweeping desert expanse and something that looks like a giant, walking oil refinery.


Back in 2012, Polygon reported that Gabe Newell described Stars Of Blood as a “space pirates game” but confirmed that it “never saw the light of day”.

Fans have expressed disappointment over Stars Of Blood‘s cancellation, with one Twitter user saying “Of the games Valve attempted to make, this is the one I most wish we actually got”.

Several others have pointed out that Stars Of Blood may have been tied to the Half Life universe, as some of the concept art features a character that looks remarkably similar to the mysterious G-Man that appears to Gordon Freeman several times across the series.

Speaking of Half Life, Valve has added ultrawide support and an increased field of view to Half Life 2, likely in preparation for the launch of the Steam Deck this year. The studio has also confirmed that the console won’t run every Steam game, though Valve is reviewing every single one to determine compatibility.


In other news, New World has lost over 500,000 players in its first month – over half of the community that the MMO started out with. Since September, New World has been losing around 135,000 players every week.