‘Old School Runescape’ introduces fifth and final God Wars Dungeon boss

The Fifth General, Nex is available to battle from today

Old School Runescape has introduced the conclusion to its epic God Wars Dungeon storyline with the launch of fifth and final general, Nex.

Nex was teased back in December by a trailer that said: “The prophecy foretold of an ancient warrior, locked in a prison deep beneath Trollheim. A force so powerful, so malevolent, four opposing armies united to contain its evil. They called her The Fifth General. It’s said she hordes artefacts of tremendous power and that an enchanted seal is all that separates the brave from her evil wrath.”

Today (January 5) Nex is unleashed on Old School Runescape after 90% of the community approved the update. Players are able to team up in clans of up to 80 to take on the boss.


According to the announcement, Nex can also be fought solo in a private instance. Instances are unlocked by completing the Hard Combat Achievements tier, after which you can purchase an instance for 150,000 GP per entry. Higher Combat Achievement tiers lower this cost.

Dwelling in the Ancient Prison beneath the God Wars Dungeon, Nex can only be accessed once players have completed the Desert Treasure quest and a miniquest to unlock the Frozen Door. This iced-up access point has existed since the Dungeon was launched but has remained sealed, until now! Once inside the Prison, players must crush through a formidable army (featuring Spiritual Warriors, Mages, Rangers, and Blood Reavers) before reaching Nex herself.

Defeating Nex can bag players valuable rewards including an Ancient Godsword, Zaryte crossbow, the iconic Torva armour set and more. Every player who takes part in the fight has a chance of obtaining a unique item, with higher performing players bagging more loot.

The suggested level requirements to take on Nex are: 70 Ranged, 70 Strength, 70 Agility, 70 Hitpoints. Currently, players cannot cast Monster Examine on Nex. If players attempt to do so, a message will appear in the game chat stating “You can’t find out their stats”.

The Fifth General will also appear in the upcoming Shattered Relics League, which launches in RSC on January 19 and runs until March 2 after it was delayed from 2021.


Over in Runescape 3, Jagex have destroyed the Duel Arena and replaced it with Het’s Oasis


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