‘Operation: Sky Fire’ comes to ‘Fortnite’ in Season 7’s grand finale

“The fate of the Island is in your hands!”

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 will come to an end with the season finale, titled Operation: Sky Fire.

The Alien Mothership shown throughout the season attacking the Island, has set its sights on a secret base, tasking Fortnite players with defending it by infiltrating The Last Reality. This event should see players “putting a stop to the Alien’s occupation”.

Replays for this event will not be available, making it a one-time fight to bring Season 7 to a dramatic close. The live event will allow access 30 minutes prior so players can reserve their spot, and will run from 9pm BST on September 12.


“Be sure to wear a suitable disguise,” reads the official announcement post, as “invading an alien spaceship should be done in style”. It also urges players to gather and spend their Bars for Season 7’s Bargain Bin Wild Week and make sure any Epic Quests, Superman Quests, and Battle Stars are finished with.

Season 7 has introduced a wide array of characters, including Morty from Rick and Morty, superheroes Gamora and Superman, Guile and Cammy from Street Fighter, Idris Elba, LeBron James, and Loki.

Fortnite also got a new Imposters mode, which drew criticism for appearing similar to Among Us. The new mode is set within the growing narrative background of the Fortnite universe, and sees players either as an Agent working for the “Imagined Order”, or an Impostor working to sabotage the organisation.

The mode seems heavily influenced by Among Us, with players serving as Agents being given “Assignments” – including “repairing the Battle Bus or calibrating llamas” – to complete in order to secure victory for the Imagined Order, with Impostors undermining their efforts by “disabling tasks, teleporting players, or throwing a Peely Party”, where everyone looks like Peely, sowing confusion.