‘Outriders’ patch fixes inventory bug and doubles legendary drop rates

Time to farm

A new Outriders patch released yesterday (June 22) has fixed a number of bugs, and also doubled the drop rate of legendary items.

The new patch features several fixes and improvements across consoles and PC and requires 3.4GB of hard drive space.

One of the most significant changes in the update is a 100 per cent increase in the amount of legendary drop rates across the game. Outriders’ primary gameplay loop involves chasing more powerful gear, so an increased legendary drop rate will mean players are rewarded with better loot more often.


Developer People Can Fly changed how Outriders’ luck system works, so not only will legendary drops be more common, but players will be less likely to experience long periods without drops.

The patch also fixed one of the game’s most frustrating bugs. New items attained by the player have a small yellow notification over them until the player clicks on the item. A bug was causing an issue where the yellow notifications would refresh on items each time the player entered the inventory.


People Can Fly also added controller aiming settings for players on console, fixed sign in issues for Xbox, and improved connectivity in multiplayer. The full list of changes can be viewed on Outriders’ official subreddit.

Players earlier this year reported losing their gear in the game. The glitch meant players with over 80 hours of playtime lost their gear.


People Can Fly responded by saying it would hold a mass restoration event, and also sent out player appreciation packages in April, which featured free items.

Elsewhere, Myst developer Cyan Worlds has announced a release window for the remake of its classic adventure puzzle title.

The developer confirmed via Twitter yesterday (June 22) that the game will arrive later this year, but couldn’t specify a month.