‘Overwatch’ Lunar Year 2022 event is live but lacks skins

Not very legendary

The Overwatch Lunar New Year 2022 event is now live, and with it a selection of new cosmetics, weekly challenges, and event brawls are on offer.

To mark the Chinese New Year (February 1) and the start of the Year of the Tiger, Overwatch is back with another Lunar New Year event, available to play now until February 15. Strangely, the event is only adding two new legendary skins, Seolbim Mercy and Nezha Tracer. Previously five new legendary skins have typically been added with Lunar New Year events.

In a statement to Polygon, a Blizzard spokesperson said “We understand that this year’s Lunar New Year event doesn’t have the number of Legendary skins as previous events. The Skins team is hard at work – with more Legendary Skins planned in 2022 than any year prior. We’ll share more with players on this topic throughout the year.”


Weekly challenges also make a return with this event, including player icons, sprays, and Epic skins. The skins and corresponding weeks to unlock them are:

  • Week 1: Prosperity Ashe (Epic)
  • Week 2: Auspicious Soldier 76 (Epic)
  • Week 3: Porcelain Wrecking Ball (Epic)

Bounty Hunter is back once again this year for event brawls, where the player who scores the first kill of the match becomes a target, the rest becoming a Bounty Hunter. Once the target has been taken down, the player who deals the killing shot becomes the new target.

Also part of the Overwatch Lunar New Year event is Capture the Flag, and Capture the Flag Blitz. The rules of Blitz are the same as standard, though flags are much closer, meaning players are in closer proximity to each other more often. And players need to capture the flag six times instead of three to win.

The Overwatch Lunar New Year event is live until February 15 on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


In other news, after an accidental leak, Crisis 4 has been officially revealed to be in development from Crytek. No concrete details were provided, and only a brief teaser video has been shown so far.