Paradox announces the next ‘Stellaris’ expansion ‘Overlord’

'Stellaris' players can now wishlist the expansion on Steam

Paradox Interactive has announced Stellaris: Overlord, the next expansion for the grand strategy game that will be launching soon.

The publisher revealed Overlord with a brand new cinematic trailer teasing a new story and characters. The trailer was only one-minute long, but it looks like the expansion will focus on consolidating other empires.

As the synopsis reads, “Overlord, a new full expansion for Stellaris, grants access to new features designed to unlock the next level of your empire. Guide a galaxy full of potential subjects to glory – or subjugation.” You can check out the trailer below:


“New mechanics provide many ways to specialize your vassals’ roles within your empire, bring new planets and subjects under your reign, and new magnificent megastructures to project your power further, faster.”

Overlord will feature five new Origins (including a new Origin for Hive Empires), new enclaves, ways to rule, and more.

“A major goal in this revision was to make subjugation a more valuable and viable system with benefits for both sides, rather than being a delayed “Game Over” as you wait for Integration should you be subjugated,” Paradox explained.

The official news post also indicates the Overlord will have a thematic focus on “exerting your will across the galaxy, the projection of powers and the expansion of civilization under your glorious banner.”
Credit: Paradox Interactive


Although Stellaris: Overlord has yet to receive an official release date, players can head over to Steam and wishlist the game now. The expansion will also be available for consoles, including PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Last month, Stellaris was included in Prime Gaming’s February games, among bundles for Rainbow Six Extraction, FIFA 22, and Dead By Daylight.

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