‘Persona 5 Royal’ for PC and Xbox will include all downloadable content

That's over 40 pieces of DLC

It’s been revealed that the PC, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions of Persona 5 Royal will contain all of the game’s downloadable content (DLC).

The news comes from developer Atlus’ official Persona Channel website, with an article published today (June 27) confirming the included DLC with the game’s October 21 launch this year.

Over 40 DLCs sold with the original Persona 5 Royal will be available from the beginning, which includes the likes of costume packs, challenge battles, item and skill card sets, extra Personas and more.


It was revealed during the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase this month that Persona 3, 4 and 5 would be coming to Xbox consoles and PC, with it later being confirmed that the game would also come natively to PS5.

Persona 5 Royal
Persona 5 Royal. Credit: Atlus

Persona Channel doesn’t note if the PS5 version of the game will include all the DLC, so it can’t be assumed either way at this point.

There’s been no official indication that Persona 5 Royal will be coming to Nintendo Switch as of publication, although a newly announced Nintendo Direct Mini may be home to the announcement.

“A new Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase is on the way! Watch on-demand via our YouTube channel beginning Tuesday, June 28 at 6AM PT for roughly 25 minutes of info on upcoming third-party Nintendo Switch games,” wrote Nintendo

Whilst Persona 5 Royal will release on new platforms on October 21, Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden will both release sometime in 2023. All three of the games will also come to Xbox Game Pass as well.


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