‘Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis’ launch date announced

Sega's free-to-play MMORPG is getting a global launch

Sega has announced the launch date for Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, which is releasing for PC and Xbox consoles.

Following a closed beta in May, Sega has announced the free-to-play online role-playing game will launch worldwide on June 9.

Set a thousand years after the events of its predecessor Phantasy Star Online 2New Genesis takes place in the brand new world of Halpha. Players will join the organisation ARKS to defend the planet against a mysterious threat.


The game features an open-world environment with new abilities allowing players to speed and soar across landscapes with no loading screens.

Compared to PSO2New Genesis also features enhanced character models for deeper customisation and a redesigned graphics engine featuring more detailed environments, and new lighting and particle effects.

“On June 9 we will be launching globally, opening up the gateway to the brand new world of Halpha for ARKS across the planet,” said Fred White from PSO2 Team Global in a press statement.

“The date marks not only a monumental game launch, but also the continuance of storyline in the long-beloved Phantasy Star series. We can’t wait to enter this new chapter together with players!” added White.

PSO2‘s server will however remain active and the two games will co-exist. Existing PSO2 players can even transfer their characters to New Genesis and back again. Cross-platform play between PC and Xbox is also supported.


While the console release version of New Genesis is for Xbox One and compatible with Xbox Series X/S, support for the new consoles will come in the future.

PSO2 first released for PC exclusively in Japan in 2012 before finally releasing in the West last year.

Sega appears to be taking a more global approach for its titles, after announcing Lost Judgment will be launching globally in September.