‘Phasmophobia’ adds two new spooks and two new dev team members

Our research tells us the ghosts and developers are not related

Co-op ghost hunter game Phasmophobia has received a brand new content update, bringing two new ghost and a new map.

The update, which released yesterday (June 18) brings with it the Japanese Yokai, the Malaysian Hantu, and a new map.

The Yokai is aggravated by players talking, which will cause it to go on the hunt earlier in matches. The Hantu is a spirit that moves much faster in cold rooms and slower in warm ones, which means players will need to keep the power on to ensure a decent chance at survival.


As well as being added into the game, these ghosts have had their spawn rates tripled until the next update, making them more likely to appear in maps to spook players.

The new map, Willow Street House also promises to be a cramped and claustrophobic experience, with no hiding spaces, forcing players to face off against ghosts earlier than they might anticipate.

Another addition to the update is the new daily challenge “Capture a Dirty Water Photo” which is a reference to the notoriously rare objective, where players needed to capture evidence of a ghost filling a sink with dirty water.

Because of Phasmophobia’s exceptional popularity, the lone developer at Kinetic Games has also hired two new team members, an artist and a programmer, to “work on future content” as well as “improving and expanding current content.”

The full patch notes for the latest release are available on Phasmophobia‘s Steam page.


In other news, the overnight success of Among Us has left the developers at Innersloth burned out.

An interview conducted by Anthony Padilla saw the whole development team expressing feelings of pressure and constant negativity.

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