‘Phasmophobia’ celebrates one year since its launch with a small update

An anniversary message hints at Halloween spooks

Kinetic Games has released a minor update for Phasmophobia as the game celebrates its first anniversary.

One year ago, on September 18, Phasmophobia was released on Steam. The game rapidly gained a large player base, and earlier in the month the horror game reached it’s highest player count since launch. Since then, a handful of updates have added a new map, new ghosts, and new tools for determining which ghost is currently haunting a building.

On the day of Phasmophobia’s anniversary, Kinetic released an update with several minor changes. The post starts with a message from the developer:


“It has been an amazing year for Kinetic Games and Phasmophobia, and I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support. Today, Phasmophobia is one of the highest rated games on Steam which is incredible and something I never imagined happening. It doesn’t stop there either, we have many great updates planned for the future, including this Halloween!”

“To celebrate the anniversary, we have put together an anniversary update where you can party in the main menu area as well as some other additions and changes which you can read below.”

The main changes in the update are to the behaviour of the journal. The journal has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use and navigate. Evidence can now be crossed out if players think they have confirmed it is not present. The pause menu is currently located within the journal, and all settings can be changed while using the journal.

A handful of other changes were also included – the mute button in VR has been moved to the pause button for all controller configurations. Players will also no longer get $10 for failing a contract. However, if players do fail a contract, they will now be told what the ghost type was.


Elsewhere, The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first game to use NVIDIA’s DLAA feature.

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