‘Phasmophobia’ devs share improvements to the journal system

Quality of unlife improvements

Phasmophobias lead artist has teased some upcoming changes to the game’s journal mechanic.

Phamophobia’s journal should receive some quality of life improvements soon, as shared by lead artist Corey J Dixon on the game’s Discord channel (as spotted by PCGamesN).

Phasmophobia players will soon have an easier time managing their investigations after Dixon shared a picture showing a new evidence page that includes all of the ghosts. “Soon, you’ll be able to eliminate those pesky ghosts from the journal whenever you want! We’ve also managed to make some extra room,” Dixon said.


Each piece of evidence has a check box next to it that can be filled in and, as the search narrows, more and more ghosts will be crossed off the list. This would be a significant improvement over Phasmophobia’s journal at launch, which required players to click through a checklist to see which ghosts were still viable suspects.

Some ghosts, especially in Phasmophobia’s greater difficulties, can be eliminated based on their personality, which cannot be input into the journal. For example, players can now cross off the spirit from the list because they have heard footsteps, which is not currently possible as it isn’t an evidence type.

There is also an entire blank page alongside the new evidence system. This could be for adding more ghosts and evidence types as Phasmophobia progresses through early access.

In other news, a trailer for Kirby And The Forgotten Land shows off a new “Mouthful Mode”. This new feature will allow Kirby to inhale and take on the properties of much larger objects. In a trailer, Kirby became a car or a vending machine that could attack enemies with fast-moving cans of juice.

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