‘Phasmophobia’ has “big things ahead” according to Kinetic Games

What's next for Phasmophobia?

The Phasmophobia developers are teasing new content for its first-person co-operative horror game.

Kinetic Games has shared a cryptic Tweet suggesting that Phasmophobia will soon receive a brand new update.

“Big things ahead,” the Tweet stated, not much to go off, but from Kinetic Games’ public Trello board players might see the addition of some brand new content in the near future.


From the Trello Board, it indicates that an in-progress major update will see Phasmophobia receive a “Progression Overhaul” which will include reworks to objectives, levelling, equipment, money and rewards, and difficulty.

Additionally, the game’s backlog indicates that three major updates are currently in development including “Horror 2.0”, a “New Content Drop” as well as a “Core Systems Overhaul”.

During a Q&A last month, Kinetic Games confirmed that it wants to make the game scarier and harder saying, “We’re planning to do a large overhaul and re-balance the three difficulty modes soon. We want to make sure the game gets harder in fun ways, instead of the ghost just being able to hunt more”.

Phasmophobia‘s previous update launched in June and brought two new ghosts called the Japanese Yokai and the Malaysian Hantu, along with the new Willow Street House map.

Another addition to the update was the daily challenge “Capture a Dirty Water Photo”, a reference to the rare objective, which required players to capture evidence of a ghost filling a sink with dirty water.


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