‘Phasmophobia’ is getting a brand new update this week

The new update is set to arrive on June 11

Kinetic Games is teasing a brand new update for Phasmophobia that is set to arrive later this week.

On Twitter, the developer shared a new post letting the community know that a “New Beta patch” will be releasing on Friday, June 11.

Kinetic also replied to the tweet with a cryptic “What could it be?” message, leading fans to come up with their own ideas of what the update will include.


Most of the game’s content currently gets posted to the developer’s Trello board, which is also accessible to the community, to view what’s next for the first-person horror game. From the tweet, it seems that Kinetic is concealing the patch content from players for a surprise reveal.

According to some players online, a new map is something that is likely as the last one to be added to the game, the Prison, arrived in November last year.

Phasmophobia hasn’t received any new ghost types in a while either, leading fans to believe that could be a possibility.

The Trello board currently features programming updates from the developers, with one note under the “Next Update: [BETA]” category detailing the addition of two new ghost types called the Yokai and the Hantu.


In March, Kinetic released a new AI update that made Phasmophobia‘s ghosts even more aggressive towards players. The patch made several changes to behaviour and difficulty levels and added a new Professional Difficulty mode.

Phasmophobia is a first-person ghost-hunting game that is currently only available on Steam. The horror indie game can also be played in VR.

Elsewhere, Valve is reportedly building a Switch-like portable PC called the SteamPal.

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