‘Phasmophobia’ receiving new map and custom difficulty

The new map will be smaller and denser than the original Asylum

Phasmophobia developer Kinetic Games has released a roadmap that outlines what updates are planned for the remainder of the year and into 2023.

Kinetic opened by talking about how Phasmophobia has experienced some update delays as the virtual reality optimisation took a few months longer than planned, “Originally the VR overhaul was planned to release earlier than April, allowing us to get knee-deep into custom difficulty’s development. As it took longer, we pushed custom back a couple of months and gave the community three smaller patches of content to fill the gap in content” shared the developer.

The custom difficulty update, mentioned above, is set to launch this month. This update adds several options that will allow players to tweak the difficulty of each individual game. A new map called Sunny Meadows is set to be added. This new asylum will be smaller than the original but will be more densely packed to compensate. Fans of the game previously voted in favour of a smaller map.


Kinetic has also promised a couple of surprises for the upcoming patch, teasing “We’ve squeezed in loads of extra things and even a few new [redacted] for you to enjoy, all will be revealed when the update trailer drops very soon.”

The ‘Progression’ update has been split into several parts and pushed to next year, but some of the planned features are being packaged into an update set to launch in Q4 2022 called the ‘URP Upgrade’. This update will contain an overhaul of the game’s weather system and new lighting.

2023 will contain Phasmophobia’s “biggest programming and art overhaul” with various progression updates. New models, animations and systems are being made completely from scratch while Kinetic adds new content to the game simultaneously. The developer’s plan is to release several smaller updates to keep the game fresh for the community. You can view the whole Phasmophobia roadmap on Steam.

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